Male to Female Transformation Advice

You would be amazed at the number of guys in the world who love performing male to female transformation on themselves. As it is the best way to get in touch with their feminine side, most guys just try to wing it on their own and do things themselves.  A better idea, though, is to find someone who is somewhat of an expert in these things and either ask for help or hire it. You can find someone who will be happy to give you advice or even a series of lessons so that you can get every step down to perfection. If you want professional help, you should probably head to local theaters or beauty salons because those are the places that will have ways for you to contact the best ones.

On the other hand, if you happen to have a great friend or close relative who could help you out with your male to female transformation; that is a great direction to go. You can save the cost of hiring an expert and probably have a bit of fun during the process. Either way, the things you will learn are what scents enhance your natural body aroma, your most flattering colors, what your best hair style is and what style of clothing you should wear that will truly do your body justice. Color, style, and the way something fits you are all quite important to get just right. In this case, practice definitely makes perfect.

You will learn the expert way to apply your lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and eye liner. Obviously, as someone who is transforming from you will need to find the perfect color of foundation for your skin tone. If you happen to have a few wrinkles here and there, there is this wonderful little thing called concealer that, when blended with your skin color, will go a long way to hide any imperfections. Then you put it all together and you will find that woman inside of you has blossomed totally.

Male to Female Transformation Aids

If you are interested in performing male to female transformation on yourself, there are many items that will help you along with your endeavors. The first thing you may want to do if you  are new to this is find a close friend who is into transformation and see if he will help you. If there is no one like that in your life, then you will just have to move along on your own. In that case, the first thing you need to do is rid yourself of any male body hair so that you can successfully apply your makeup and keep your legs looking silky and sexy underneath their stockings.

Shopping for your male to female transformation aids is a lot of fun even if you are the type of guy who does not enjoy shopping. However, this is a lot different than going grocery shopping, for instance. This shopping is to buy your makeup, lingerie, and sexy female outfits. Make a list of what you think you will need. If you have any doubts about an item, put it on the list anyway. It would be terrible to be in the middle of your transformation only to discover that you have neglected an item that you totally needed. There would not be a way to get it except to undo everything you have done up to that point and go back out to the shops.

Go easy on the makeup when you perform your male to female transformation. You want to look gorgeous; not like you are going to a Halloween party or something. Be sure that your foundation matches your coloring so that it looks natural. Look at some tutorials on applying eyeshadow and eyeliner along with false lashes. Set aside a night when you will have plenty of time to get yourself all pretty. After the shaving, applying makeup, and dressing; it is time to put on your carefully chosen wig. Slip into your heels, pick up your purse, and head out the door for a fun night out at a club that will welcome transvestites with open arms. Then just have the night of your life.

Learning about male to female transformation.

Have you ever thought about male to female transformation? Many men feel deep down inside that they are women and long to be completely transformed permanently. This is done with a series of drugs, operations, hormone therapies and psychological counseling. Many other men are interested in other levels of male to female transformation including various levels of interest in feminizing themselves.  I have found that the most exciting aspects of feminizing myself are the feeling I receive from wearing male to female transformation designs. I wear both the pussy look and camel toe style swimsuits to the beach, my gyms pool and I often wear them as underwear with girls jeans to show off a camel toe. It is nothing short of amazing wearing a swimsuit that changes you from male to female (visually) one that is so realistic everyone that looks at your suit will assume you have a vagina, there is not a second thought about it. It is that real. I find that when I am on the beach tanning men and women are constantly checking me out. I have been out there with girlfriends and guys come up to us thinking that I am one of the girls that is going topless. The reason I know this is true because I have been asked a number of times by the police that cruise the beach to put on my top because topless sunbathing is not allowed. I do make them a little uncomfortable when I explain that I am male.

Male to Female Transformation: How Does it Feel?

Not everyone can understand the intricate feelings involved in male to female transformation. The truth is, that one will never know how it feels if they never do it. Some people may feel like they would only want it in theory, but would regret it afterwards. Others may never question it, and feel that nothing would make them happier than to be physically identified as the woman they were always meant to be. Honestly, from those who have undergone this procedure, both thoughts are valid.

Some men believe their whole lives that they want to be a woman while some of these men think that becoming a woman will improve the quality of their life, as is. Some may blame their problems on their masculinity. After having a male to female transformation, though, these same men may realize that life problems will remain despite gender. Other men may romanticize that this surgery makes them fully, biologically female. However, there are key differences from the fabricated woman parts and the real ones. These new women may expect that they can get pregnant when they can’t, or that the lubrication from their newly fashioned vaginas will come naturally. The truth is, you will not have the same internal parts as those born biologically female, and lubrication will have to be applied with a lubricant.

Those that are happiest with their male to female transformations are the ones who take the time to do the proper research and educate themselves. They learn the details of the procedure and what will happen to them; they read about hormone therapy; they speak with new women about their experiences before, during, and after the operation. If you are considering this surgical procedure and want to ensure your happiness with it, then do your research and seek out all of the advice you can get.

Male to Female Transformation Options

With so many men attempting to perform a male to female transformation these days, there have been certain concessions to such things as makeup, wigs, lingerie, and other clothing in order to help these men to accomplish their task. So many men speak of having felt “different” from an early age; like they were a female in the body of a male. Up until recent years have these men been able to realize their dream of finally becoming transformed into women. There are a few options available to these men whether they want a permanent change or just a night on the town sort of transformation. It all seriously depends on what the desired outcome is.

One of the options of performing a temporary male to female transformation is to have lots of female products on hand. You will need the right kind of makeup, a wig, sexy female outfits, stockings, shoes (some men prefer heels), and, of course, fake nails and polish. When you have gathered all of these things, it is time to run yourself a bubble bath that has a sexy scent. Relax in this bath. You may want to shave your legs or what other areas that need pruning a bit while you are in the bath, or you can do that once you have finished your bath. Shave any facial hair so that your skin looks smooth under your foundation. Then all you need to do is apply the makeup, do your nails, and start to get dressed. Once you are the gorgeous woman that you feel you were meant to be, you can choose to go out on the town or you can simply stay at home and lounge in your beauty.

There is also another option to perform a male to female transformation, but it must be thought through carefully. This option is surgery that will make you into the woman you feel that you are. The one thing with option is that, once you have the surgery, there is no turning back. That is why you need to take some required steps to insure that you want the surgery. While you may feel impatient to get things underway, there is a method to the madness of the doctors. You need to be one hundred percent positive that this surgery is truly what you want. That is why you will be given plenty of time to be sure as you are given hormones and start addressing yourself as a woman while wearing women’s clothes. So you can see that this is a huge step, but if you feel that you were definitely ready to embark on the rest of your life’s journey; then go for it! s

Male to Female Transformation

When I first started going through my male to female transformation, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing. I had a vague grasp of what I thought I wanted to happen but putting anything like that into words was extremely hard for me to do. All I could think about was what people were going to think of me while walking around like that from one bar to the next. That is when I realized that if I do good enough with this transmission that I won’t have to worry about people knowing what I look like as they would think that I was female. I would get the chance to go out in public and have all kinds of fun and no one would know it was me, what could be better than that?

Now I am not saying that going through a male to female transformation is going to be an easy thing for anyone to do, but it was definitely worth the effort that I had to put into it. Some guys may think they want to be a part of something like this but aren’t actually ready to pull the trigger so to speech. I am completely different from those types of guys and I pulled the trigger quite a few times to make sure this was going to take me to the right place. I am happy that I did as well, but I wish that I had someone to help me with my transformation or even the internet would have been nice as well.

You would be surprised at the things I used to do in order to find people to help me with my transformation. All the strange parties I had to go to just to find someone that could give me a hand and point me in the right direction. I truly feel that most guys give up on male to female transformation simply because they didn’t have someone comfortable to explain their fantasy with, someone that would help them any time they needed them to.


Transgender swimwear

One of the newest things that I have seen recently are the amazing transgender swimwear options available. I am not personally transgender, but I think this is an amazing thing that people are starting to finally come around and realize that sexual identity is important to people. Being able to go out to the beach and not have to worry about what other people think they might be seeing is a good thing. More people should look past all of the labels that are placed on individuals and realize that we are all human beings. We all have to eat, and drink and we all need love in order to thrive. If we spent all of our time focusing on only negative aspects, people aren’t going to be happy with the cops when they come rushing into the middle of things.

I have actually been looking at the transgender swimwear and I might even try some of it out. There are some really great looking pieces in what I have been seeing and I think that I could feel comfortable wearing some of it out to the beach. Although I might try around my own pool first and see what my wife has to say before going through all of that.

If my wife has no issues with me wearing transgender swimwear around our own pool, then I see no issues with taking them out to the beach on a sunny day and enjoy some sand and sun for a few hours. I might even be able to meet a couple of different friends out of all of this; you never know right? Maybe I can convince my wife to try some of these designs out and we can go to the beach and have some fun role playing with this. I think that may just be the way that I need to sell this to my wife in order to make sure that she is perfectly fine with this aspect.

Male to Female Transformation

Going through a male to female transformation is one of the hardest things I have ever put myself through. But, since going through that transformation I have never been happier in my life. I have always felt way more feminine in my life but always had to put on the masculine side show in order to fit in with everyone else around me. My own parents wanted a son so bad that I had to go through all the tribulations of being a male while not feeling male at all. Needless to say, my teenage years were a total mess of confusion that I am happy I will never have to go through again in my life.

I have only had one true friend in my life that understood why I needed to go through this male to female transformation and I am so thankful for her. She has been the rock that I was able to rest all of my doubts and worries on, knowing that she would comfort me no matter what. Funnily enough she is the one that I ended up falling in love with after going through my transformation. I never would have thought that I was actually a lesbian in a mans body, body here I am rocking that shit like you wouldn’t believe.

I am more than happy that I was able to go through my male to female transformation with my best friend and love of my life. Especially when my parents disowned me because I was trying to make myself happy rather than go to college on some stupid football scholarship. They will never understand what it was like for me growing up and now they will have no idea how happy my life has become since leaving them in the past. Sometimes you have to do things for yourself in order to live a happy life and that is exactly what I have done.

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