Male To Female Transformation

Girls will be boys and boys will be girls.

Since this is the male to female transformation site, we are going to chat about one of my favorite subjects which happens to be boys will be girls. Let us talk about vagina, pussy, man clit or whatever you call your girl unit. Short of having gender reassignment surgery which these days offers you a fantastic looking vagina you will need to work with what you have. Not to worry because these days there are fantastic options to change your penis no matter the size into a lovely and entirely realistic vagina. There are many silicone gaffs, shapers and vagina look panties that do a nice job of making the wearer transform to female, but the most popular method is the male to female transformation panties, shorts, thongs, and swimsuits by Koalaswim.  They work by reforming the penis no matter how large or small into a realistic vagina so much so that no one would believe you were anything but female if they see you in them. This seems like a crazy statement, but I use these styles myself. I have a few the Koala male to female transformation swimsuits in my collection and even girls believe I have had surgery. The secret to the way it works is that the penis is used in the creation of a vagina rather then being tucked away. What happens is the shaft is forced inside the body and held in place while the balls are held in separate micro “lip” style pouches and pulled into position. The effect is a camel toe that would drive any straight guy crazy. The look is an incredible and like I said even the ladies believe it is the real thing. For girls not quite ready for surgery this is an excellent option. Type your paragraph here.