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Male To Female Transformation

Male to female transformation
Male to female transformation

Our company offers one of the largest selections of realistic male to female transformation designs. Unlike virtually every other company we actually reshape the penis into a vagina. We have been creating male to female transformation underwear and swimwear designs for over fifteen years manufacturing them in Los Angeles. Our creations are proudly made in the USA and shipped worldwide.  We offer two distinct pouch feminization styles with our most popular offering being the Camel-Toe look. The other option is the completely flat pussy style look. Both styles will allow you to bring out your feminine self in ways you have never imagined.

Male to female transformation  swimwear and underwear designs. Made in the USA.

Male to Female Transformation Advice

Few things are more exciting than men getting in touch with their feminine side. This part of you is not buried as deeply as you think and once you figure that out, you will be able to easily perform a male to female transformation. Nothing is more exhilarating than to finally understand that part of yourself and start to find ways to enjoy it. The first thing that a newbie should do to make a successful transformation is to ask for some expert advice from someone in your life who understands and can offer you all the advice you need. In fact, other men who indulge in this are usually more than happy to share their knowledge with you. They will most likely go shopping with you for such things as the correct sort of makeup, lingerie, heels, stockings and panties.

Once you have purchased everything you need for your male to female transformation, it is time to start experimenting with it all. You will probably want your friend with you as you first start now so that you can ask any questions that you need. For instance, you will want to either shave your face and legs very closely or you can get electrolysis if you plan to continue being your female self a lot. Many men opt for waxing although that is said to be quite painful but it seems to be a bit less expensive. Then, again, some guys might just enjoy a little pain and will go home afterward and have a bit of fun.

Now, it is time to make the male to female transportation. Let your friend help you when it comes to instructions on how to apply your makeup correctly. You might also need a bit of help in getting into your stockings and lingerie. Your hair might be another tricky area, especially if you have decided to purchase various wigs. The end result must be a natural one that makes you appear to be the gorgeous woman you truly feel you are deep inside. Once you have practiced a bit, you will be ready to go out on the town and see how many guys hit on you.

Male to Female Transformation Aids

If you have decided that you want to bring out the feminine side of yourself, there are some male to female transformation aids that can make the change much easier for you. These are especially great for newbies who are just beginning to get in touch with those womanly feelings that they are starting to experience. It is even better if you have a close friend who is somewhat of an expert in this type of thing. That person can offer you a lot of advice and even help you apply makeup or whatever you need. It is also a great idea if you can possibly take this person along when you go shopping for your feminine items. You will find that it will be quite beneficial in selecting the right colors and styles for you.

Such things as the right shade of foundation, lipstick, eye makeup, and wigs are vital when performing a male to female transformation. That is why you might need some help if you are a newbie at this. If you tend to grow a thick beard, you will need to find a way to lessen it. Regular shaving might do the trick or, if you have really dark hair on your legs, too, you might want to invest in something more permanent, such as electrolysis. It really just depends on the look you are trying to achieve and how often you plan to do your transformation. You can discuss this with your friend for some pretty good advice. Of course, transforming might be something you only do sometimes. In that case, it makes more sense to simply shave the excess body hair. As for clothes that you might choose to wear when you indulge in a male to female transformation, it will most likely depend on where you plan to go after you have completed your glamourizing. After all, you surely do not want to waste all of that work just to sit at home alone. Guys usually choose a popular night club or something of that sort once they have finished their transformation. That is why the clothing is so important. You must wear something sexy along with some stockings and heels. At the end of the night, you might just be taking someone home with you.

Just Say Yes to Male to Female Transformation

When it comes to male to female transformation, there are too many men who feel that it is embarrassing or shameful in some way. After all, they were born men and are meant to remain that way, right? Not exactly. You see, many new things on the horizon are bringing to light that just because you are born a certain way physically, it does not mean that nature got it completely right. If you are a man, physically, yet in your heart and soul, you tend to feel like a beautiful and sexy woman, chances are that you are one of the many males who are emotionally female. That might mean that you have some decisions to make as to what you will do about the severe contrast between your physical self and your emotional self. In the meantime, you can experiment a bit with being a female just by transforming yourself through makeup, hair and clothes. Once you have made yourself look the way that you feel, go out on the town and see how well you interact with others and how you feel about your experiment. Do not be ashamed. Just say yes and go for it!

Tips for Male to Female Transformation

Male to female transformation can be a difficult choice to make for some men. For others, it is simply a necessary step for them in a life that they have always known that they did not belong. More men than you would realize these days go to a lot of trouble to transform themselves into the person he feels that he really is or was meant to be. It is their way of correcting nature’s mistakes, so to speak. While it may sound a bit farfetched, there is a way to do this with a lot of success, as you will see as you read further.

One of the first tips at the top of the list for male to female transformation is shaving. Men with heavy facial hair that grows in fast are going to need to shave until there is no hair on their faces. Many of them take this measure to other parts of their body such as under arms, legs, and chest. It really just depends on how far they want to take this process. If excess hair is present, it sort of takes away from the total experience. Besides, if you are sporting a five o’clock shadow, nothing will make that foundation help you look like the beautiful, sexy woman you really are on the inside.

Then there is the right type of makeup to use in your male to female transformation. Pay attention to your skin tone and find the foundation that is perfect for you. When it comes to eye makeup, please remember to keep it as natural as possible. Blue eyeshadow is totally out of style unless you are using it in a delicate shade and not that garish shade of the past. Blush applied softly is perfect as is lip gloss. After all, you want to make your lips look kissable. When done correctly, the transformation will have everyone looking at you and wanting to take you home.

Male to Female Transformation

There is quite a bit of interest these days regarding male to female transformation. More and more men are finding that they do not the gender that they need to be. In fact, gender reassignment surgery is becoming quite well-known in the world. Surgery is definitely possible today but there are some criteria that the patient needs to successfully complete before any talk of surgery is discussed. Doctors have a duty to make sure that all aspects of this type of surgery are understood by their patients, and there are many of those hurdles to jump. If you find that you are feeling a certain curiosity of what being a female will mean but do not feel you are ready for something permanent, there are other ways to dress up that range from pedicures, manicures, makeup, wigs and a sexy dress. Getting all dressed up and then hitting some bars will give you a real eye opening experience and possibly help you to know if you just want to be a female sometimes or permanently.

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