Male To Female Transformation


Male to Female Transformation Party

Have you ever attended a male to female transformation party? If you have, you already know just how much fun it can be to get in touch with your feminine side. If you have not given yourself a chance to experience that part of you, it is time to fix that immediately! You have no idea what you are missing! It is sort of like a slumber party for grown up men who want to bring out that gorgeous feminine side that they typically have to hide because of how judgmental people can be. Do not let that be you! Give into your instincts and go to one of these parties. That is where you will learn all about what you need to do to turn into a stunning female.

One of the first things you will learn how to do at a male to female transformation party is getting rid of that five o’clock shadow that most men have. Your face must be clean shaven and smooth. This is so that when you put your foundation on, it will look completely natural. Adding a bit of blush also helps here. Once that is all taken care of, it is time to apply some false eyelashes, mascara, eye shadow and, of course, the perfect matching lipstick or lip gloss. When you have that all finished, it is time to move forward to the next step. This will most likely be painting your fake nails a sexy color that will get attention.

Once your nail polish as dried, put on your stockings and whatever under garment you have chosen to help you along with your male to female transformation. Next, you can slip into whatever little outfit you have chosen for the night, or if you plan to stay in; you will need to have a sexy little nightie. Your wig should probably go on last so that it remains in the fashion or style that you want it to stay. Now that you are all dolled up, you and your other friends can either go out on the town or you can stay in for your nightie party. Either way, the transformation will be complete and you can fully become the female that is hiding deep down inside of you. When you do it once, you will want to do it over and over again. Just feel beautiful!

Male to Female Transformation Fun

For many men, male to female transformation is a lot of fun. It is not unheard of for men who love this kind of play to have “Girl’s Night” and turn themselves into the beautiful women that they really are deep down inside. At these parties, which can be compared to slumber parties, the guys who attend them have a great time all night long putting makeup on themselves and each other. They also spend time trying on stockings, heels, lingerie, and some really hot and sexy outfits. Let’s not forget about nail polish, either! Those manicures and pedicures are just as important as the hair and makeup.

When it comes to beginning male to female transformation, you should begin with a relaxing, fragrant bubble bath in order to prepare your body for the pleasures that are yet to come. Once the bath is completed, you need to spend some time on drying your body carefully and then applying some lotion all over. Hopefully, this lotion should be a sexy fragrance and maybe you have the accompanying perfume so your aroma will be perfectly matched. This is something that is more important than you might think because it is something that a true feminine lady would definitely check before going anywhere. Now it is time to move on to makeup and hair.

Using makeup to assist in male to female transformation is an absolute must. Following your bath, you will want to dry your hair even if you are going to use a wig. Once that is complete, it is time for beginning your makeup. If there is still any facial hair, that must be dealt with before you can begin. When your hair is dry, you can put it up or back from your face to allow you to apply the proper shade of foundation. Next, you start with your eyes. Eye shadow, liner, and then mascara can be applied. If you prefer, you can use false eyelashes before you apply your mascara. Wigs or hair pieces can be used as a way to make your look more complete. Add a sexy outfit and you are ready to go!

Male to Female Transformation Just for Fun

Male to female transformation may or may not be something that you are familiar with. Even if you have not exactly heard this phrase in the past, it is pretty self-explanatory. It is a term that talks about men who like to dress up as women. That is the very simple definition. This is important to men for various reasons. For some men, this transformation is a way of life as they are trying to pay homage to that beautiful woman who resides inside of them. These men have chosen to do things this way rather than have actual gender reassignment surgery. Dressing up is a simpler way to do this.

Other men who engage in male to female transformation tend to do so simply because they want to enjoy the feminine experience. This usually comes from a curiosity regarding how women are treated sexually when they go out dressed in garb meant to entice the opposite sex. These men love to get all pretty and sexy in a hot little club number accompanied by just the right makeup and hair. Of course, this involves some face shaving and probably wearing a wig. But this is all part of the fun. Add some nail polish and they are ready to go.

There is a lot to be said about doing male to female transformation just for fun. It does not have to mean anything or carry a label with it. If you are afraid of what others may think of this pastime, you really do not have to tell anyone in your circle of friends and acquaintances that may be offended by it. Even in this time of enlightenment, there are always going to be some people who will consider you to be a freak for wanting to feel pretty sometimes. You can still find time to dress up and go out on the town without anyone being the wiser.


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